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Established in 1999, Dayspring Mission is an evangelical ministry seeking to be obedient to the command of Christ: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”  The mission’s simple goal is to proclaim the gospel in word and to demonstrate it in deed. Seven years living in a jungle village in Belize, followed by nine years serving in Nigeria have offered unique opportunities for ministry. Though locations and people groups may change, the spiritual needs everywhere remain the same. As a ministry we are dependent upon God to meet our material needs, to guide our steps and to grant us wisdom to minister His Word.           

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Patrick Evans

Patrick took his first international mission trip to Brazil in 1994. After working for a number of years as a youth pastor in the US, he went into full time missions in 1996. Patrick served as a youth pastor to missionary kids in Nigeria for three years before Jeff joined him to form Dayspring Mission in 1999. Among other things, Patrick pastors, teaches, makes wooden toys, thrives living in remote locations and drives a horse and buggy when one is available.

Jeff Shelnutt

Feeling called into missions, Jeff decided to spend six months in Nigeria assisting Patrick with his youth ministry. It was after this season in 1999 that he and Patrick formed Dayspring Mission, bought an old school bus and drove it to Belize. That was only the beginning. All these years later, Jeff and Patrick have logged many hours of ministry together. When not engaged in pastoral endeavors, Jeff will probably be found reading, writing, or working around the garden.   

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