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While serving in Belize we became aware of a pressing need. People, particularly in rural communities, did not have adequate and affordable access to Christian literature and wholesome reading material. This problem is not limited to Belize. It is in fact a worldwide phenomenon, especially in underdeveloped or impoverished communities.


Recognizing this led us to establish Horse & Buggy Publications (HBP) in 2004. The aim of HBP is to produce and distribute content that communicates the Gospel, conveys biblical principles, and promotes spiritual growth. We do this through publishing original content, providing biblically-based books and tracts, and offering Bible correspondence courses. We also produce a periodical, The Pilgrim’s News.


The value of a tract, a pamphlet or a book is that its effectiveness is not dependent on the presence of a preacher or a teacher. It can be repeatedly read and considered. It can reach places years before a missionary might, and still linger long after a missionary may be gone. And as countless who found Christ or received comfort through reading will testify, God knows exactly how and when to place the needed word before the prepared heart.  

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