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Trinity Farm Ministries

Trinity Farm Ministries (TFM) is a ministry initiative of Dayspring Mission. TFM implements a three-tiered approach to communicating the gospel and engaging in the long-term discipleship process: Life Skills, Work Skills, and Spiritual Development.

Since its inception in 1999, Dayspring Mission has focused its ministry efforts primarily on peoples living in rural and remote areas. These hard to reach places still contain the majority of the world’s under-reached people groups. Inadequate exposure to biblical teaching, and a lack of access to opportunities and resources are daily realities for millions. However, these circumstances are not limited merely to foreign mission fields.

The fact is there are marginalized groups and communities in every country and found among every culture. And quite often these people are much closer to us than we care to admit.

The only sure foundation upon which to build both an earthly and eternal future is Jesus Christ. TFM seeks to prepare this generation with the biblical truth, skills and training that they will need to overcome cycles of hopelessness, poverty and marginalization.

Life Skills
Finding sustainable and meaningful employment is becoming increasingly difficult. This is partly because many individuals lack employable skills. But it is also because many are inadequately prepared for making the adjustment to the responsibilities and expectations of employment. Life Skills training focuses on developing soft skills and character in the individual.
Work Skills
This generation of young people has unprecedented opportunities for higher education. Yet, the number of those entering the workforce with marketable vocational skills continues to drop. This is occurring while the demand for such skills increases. Work Skills training offers basic instruction in a variety of vocations within a practical setting.
Spiritual Development
Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the heart of TFM’s vision. We recognize that without a biblical faith upon which to build, equipping an individual with life and work skills is only a temporary attempt to try to solve what is ultimately a spiritual problem. Therefore, Spiritual Development through the long-term discipleship process is central to everything we undertake.
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